Bennington Review:
Testosterone Daydream (forthcoming)

Salt Hill: Testosterone Daydream(s) (forthcoming)

Dunce Codex: 3, 4, 6 (forthcoming)

Coma: 1, 2, 3 

Yalobusha Review: List of Many 

Copenhagen: Night Piece

Not My Style : Horse

mercury firs:
from binge-watching the night 

Split Lip Magazine : buzzcut

New England Review: T Daydream and T Daydream (print)

Tyger Quarterly: Snow Day and Dead Investigation 

Black Warrior Review’s Boyfriend Village: Living Thing

Hayden’s Ferry Review: little cold amp 

Poetry Daily: [[wobble twilight, river landing

Michigan Quarterly Review: fit / fright

Paperbag: [another interlude:, Each Queer Reimagining (after my high school girlfriend’s funeral), Phantom: Adam, the sun is a second self, and touch // tune 

The Boiler: not pictured and [[wobble twilight, river landing 

The Spectacle: Each Queer Reimagining, Each Queer Reimagining (no cemetery), Jonathan 

Berkeley Poetry Review: Each Queer Reimaging (not coming on), Each Queer Reimagining (featuring a paper doll), phantom mirror v,  and Each Queer Reimagining (in color)

Bennington Review: Interlude and Would You Rather (print)

Columbia Journal: Separation Anxiety (print)

Tagvverk: with your smell still on me, I, a capsized orchid and the iris of my daydreams is not the iris of my daydreams, ergo:

New Delta Review: imitate / interface and supplication: early years

The Adroit Journal: Missouri

Colorado Review: Phantom Mirror II (print)

New South: Phantom Gender (print)

Sixth Finch: in the beginning, again

The Tiny: can last for a few weeks, even months, soon / swoon, and upswing

Passages North: Binge-Watching the Night (print)

Quarterly West: Phantom Mirror III and  Phantom Mirror IV

Copper Nickel: Phantom Gender: Implied Line

Denver Quarterly: Phantom Topography: Implied Line (print)

Pleiades: getting by (print)

Tin House: laying open

Diagram: limitations

Foundry: Name the Fear-Spangled Thing

The Arkansas International: Graveyard in Winter (print)

Prelude: Phantom Mirror

Poetry Northwest: Confession (print)

Wildness: typical beast

Columbia Poetry Review: Summer D/ke Rerun Watch Party (print)

Pinwheel: Field Dream no. 2 and Field Dream no. 5

Forklift, Ohio: Poem for Gay Girls in High School, Remembering Where My Legs Have Been, This Year I’ll Replace the Edge with Another Edge, and w/ (print)

Bombay Gin: White Chalk/Blue Summer (print)